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Rockfish Sound is an exclusively online store. We can be found at many concerts and festivals in the south east USA in our exclusive traveling music store as well. Stay tuned for our travel updates and come check us out!

“End the search for gear. End the search for tone. End the search for quality. End the search, entirely!” If you are looking for more than just a mass-produced manufactured guitar, bass, or amplifier, then visit with us, and see the difference. It is the personal mission of Rockfish Sound to influence the lives of every musician or collector by providing a central sales hub for the highest quality, most versatile, hard to find, professional, touring and recording grade gear we can possibly come across. Rockfish Sound plans to accomplish this great task by joining forces with boutique guitar, bass and amp designers and acquire products that seemed impossible to find during our years of playing, recording, touring, and searching for gear.

Mission Statement

Rockfish Sound isn’t your everyday music store. We offer a fully customizable guitar and bass build experience, with a unique journey designing, ordering, and constructing your dream gear. We also provide a selection of collectable guitars and basses, as well as, private stock boutique instruments and amplifiers. As musicians, we understand the needs, requirements, and desires that accompany the gear you choose. With customer satisfaction in mind, we offer quick build times and step by step updates to every custom build. Whether it’s for the road warrior, the studio guru, the art collector, the professional player, or the bedroom dreamer, it is our mission to provide you with an unforgettable experience for years to come.

We Have the Gear You Are Looking For!

Rockfish Sound currently carries these amazing brands with several more on the way. Keep checking the website to see which new companies have joined the Rockfish family in the search for the best tone imaginable.

Blackout Guitars
Skervesen Guitars
Spawn Amplification

Our Story Begins in 2002…

Rockfish Sound owners, Jeremy and Justin, met as teenagers in the summer of 2002 at a local rock show in Macon, Georgia. Justin’s band was playing that night, and while Jeremy heard and liked the recorded demo of Justin’s band, he wasn’t blown away by the live performance. In fact, the first conversation between the two future business partners was one of both honesty and offence regarding that particular performance.

A few months later that honesty and offence matured into deep respect for one another’s differing opinions. These pretty much bled into every aspect of their relationship. They not only appreciated the difference, but it forged a lasting friendship.

Jeremy ended up joining Justin’s band; bringing a new dimension of talent, musical diversity, and innovation to the ever-changing musical landscape. He was the missing puzzle piece in Justin’s seemingly infinite search for quality band members. The band practiced for hours every day with laser focus; striving to achieve their pinnacle of perfection, and honing in on their signature sound. Their hard-working attitude, effort and dedication quickly paved their ways to be the young professionals they later became.

Going separate ways…

In late 2005, after years of touring and enduring the hardship of sustaining a full time road worthy rock band, the band members called a hiatus to go home and recuperate.

Justin took this time to focus on his instrument and musical craft. He wrote new music, learned about music theory and its application to the guitar; guitar design and construction; and tone variables. He also familiarized himself with the design and construction of amplifiers, speakers, and speaker cabinets. Justin continued his musical career for the next 10 years. His persistence, education, determination, and a stroke of good luck paved the way to signing a recording contract, eventually playing some of the largest festivals, tours, and venues in the U.S. with the biggest names in the music industry. Ultimately, Justin elected to quit the touring lifestyle and refocus his time and energy to be a husband, and father.

Jeremy went home to Indiana where he took a couple months off from the road warrior lifestyle. Every night he watched the evening news reports of American troops on the ever-changing three-dimensional battlefields of Iraq. In December 2005, Jeremy joined the United States Marine Corps. He quickly rose through the ranks receiving two meritorious promotions and became a non-commissioned officer within two years. Jeremy deployed multiple times with the first battalion second marine regiment as a Scout Sniper Platoon Communications chief, and team operator. After Jeremy was discharged from the military, he attended college at Purdue University at the Fort Wayne Indiana campus with a major in engineering. Jeremy finished his formal education at Palm Beach State College in Palm Beach, Florida. He started a career in steel manufacturing after graduating. While working in manufacturing, Jeremy managed to satisfy his musical needs by running a fully functional audio recording/live sound business.


Though the universe had different plans for the two of them, they both eventually settled into careers outside of music. It didn’t take long to realize there was something missing for the both of them. Jeremy and Justin kept in touch as much as they could after parting ways. Their conversations always involved talking, joking, and playfully planning to be involved in music together again. But in the underlying seriousness of it all, the looming question was ‘how?’

A Stroke of Pure Genius (or Perhaps a Descent Into Madness)…

After many years of reflection, deep thought, and the never ending conversational saga of Justin trading a mountain of gear in his infinite search for the best tone imaginable, Jeremy had the idea of how to answer the question ‘How?’ and so started Rockfish Sound.

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